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vrijdag 24 juli 2015

De nieuwe column van Tom Lanoye (rijmt met het Engelse annoy: vervelend zijn, irriteren) moet de nieuwe eigenaars van HUMO blijkbaar een grotere oplage bezorgen.
MIS, helemaal mis, deze ‘bejaarde’ die zich in zijn jeugd verborg in een zwart hol, dit in tegenstelling met de door hem genoemde bejaarde ‘tappers’ (zij die zich masturberen): Van Dis, Walter van den Broeck, AndrĂ© van Halewyck, Julien weverberg en ikzelf (waarom ontbreekt Guy Mortier hier, te weinig moed, Tommeke?), moet het hebben van watertrappen (wat betekent dat je ter plekke blijft en probeert je hoofd boven water te houden) en keert terug naar 1986 toen hij Het Circus van de Slechte Smaak publiceerde, toen een goed gekozen titel, nu inderdaad de jammerlijke waarheid.

donderdag 16 juli 2015



Dear Walter,

I am greatful to have someone to send these things to, who finds it all as disturbing as I do. Hopefully there will soon be some respite,  but I honestly doubt it.

This is my Facebook post from yesterday. For the first time in my life, I was refused service in a local store, because I am NOT MUSLIM.  I was told the items that I wanted were not for sale, that "this is for us" and that I wouldn't like them. I went back to speak to the owner, who looked stunned by my boldness, but was clearly already informed by the time he came out. He then proceeded to lie about the items not being fresh enough for me. I explained that would have been fine, if that was explained,  but that is untrue, and NOT what happened.

I posted it on Facebook,  and got an assortment of reactions.  This is now the second business on that block, which is refusing to service to non-Muslims. The other store uses the same line, "this isn't for sale."

I posted it to Facebook to begin logging the deterioration of my community.  I am forwarding you the screen shot, because sometimes these things on Facebook simply disappear.
Please tell me if you begin to observe a similar trend in your community.

dinsdag 14 juli 2015


Werk van Niki de Saint Phalle
24 jaar geleden ging mijn vriend Nic van Bruggen heen. De dichter, de flamingant, verliet ons op de Franse nationale feestdag. Natuurlijk hield hij van Frankrijk en de Franse dichters, was Niki de Saint Phalle een vriendin en Jean Tinguely een vriend.
Meer over Nic kun je vinden op

woensdag 8 juli 2015


Dear Walter,

Your blog was so good, that I found myself thinking about it for days later.
This is a picture from this morning. The police have now become proactive in anticipation of the crowds, the traffic, and the mess it all becomes. The NYPD has devised a barricade system, to protect the pray-ers. These blue "police line do not cross" barriers are the same ones used in parades, and major crime scenes.  Believe me when I say, you can get hit in the head with a police batton if you cross it.

Years ago they were the most pleasant people. They moved in, opened a shop, and would fall over to help you in their store.
Please, thank you, how are you, how is your family, have a nice day.
More and more stores opened.
More and more moved in.
They stopped saying please & thank you.
They stopped saying hello.

There is great strength in numbers. They aren't pleasant anymore, because their businesses no longer depend on customers like us to survive.
They aren't nice anymore, because they don't have to be.