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donderdag 16 juli 2015


Dear Walter,

I am greatful to have someone to send these things to, who finds it all as disturbing as I do. Hopefully there will soon be some respite,  but I honestly doubt it.

This is my Facebook post from yesterday. For the first time in my life, I was refused service in a local store, because I am NOT MUSLIM.  I was told the items that I wanted were not for sale, that "this is for us" and that I wouldn't like them. I went back to speak to the owner, who looked stunned by my boldness, but was clearly already informed by the time he came out. He then proceeded to lie about the items not being fresh enough for me. I explained that would have been fine, if that was explained,  but that is untrue, and NOT what happened.

I posted it on Facebook,  and got an assortment of reactions.  This is now the second business on that block, which is refusing to service to non-Muslims. The other store uses the same line, "this isn't for sale."

I posted it to Facebook to begin logging the deterioration of my community.  I am forwarding you the screen shot, because sometimes these things on Facebook simply disappear.
Please tell me if you begin to observe a similar trend in your community.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Het wordt tijd dat de Ku Klux Klan terug uitrijdt.

  2. The praying in the street seems to have waned. This may be because the high holidays are over. There is a very good page on Facebook called "Britain First." They have some educated opinions, statistical data, and news stories which seem more fact based than sensationalism. It's worth a look.