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zondag 15 november 2015


Ahmed Almuhamed, 25, believed have been in terror squad at the Bataclan concert hall before blowing himself up
  • French police revealed his Syrian passport was found on a bomber's body who registered as a refugee in Greece 
  • Authorities believe at least two of the terror cell traveled from Syria, through Turkey and into Greece since summer
  • A second passport, from Egypt, was found on the body of another bomber who took part in the Paris terror attack 
  • Homegrown terrorist Omar IsmaĆ«l Mostefai , 29, identified as a gig bomber by fingerprint from severed digit
  • Seven terrorists killed themselves using suicide belts while another was shot dead by police
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Antwerpenaar HAKAN aan het woord betreffende de aanslagen in Parijs:
HAKAN (die zelf drie man illegaal te werk stelt): Het is allemaal de schuld van de Polen die ons werk afpakken en dan zijn er ook nog de Joden. Wij moslims niks gedaan!

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  1. Bullets are the reason why no terrorist attack will ever happen in Texas.
    I am beside myself with the news in Paris. You can bet your bottom dollar it wasn't Norwegians.

    This whole immigration/economic migrant/asylum seeker crisis has been brewing for at least a year and a half and, frankly, our esteemed, blinkered leaders have made a pig’s dinner of it Now I don’t much like Viktor Orban. He is too extreme for me. However, his remark that Germany was practicing “ moral imperialism” was completely apt. Our German friends have a ruthless efficiency as one has seen in their attempts to dominate Europe in WW1 and WW2 and now they are trying to lay down the law on this immigration debate. No thank you. Let’s project a bit into the future. If the UN demographic report on Africa is even half-correct Europe has major problems. The UN forecasts from 1.1 billion now to 2.4 billion in 2050 and 4.3 billion in 2100. Truly, there are some African countries enjoying a “Renaissance, ‘ but does one think they will be able to cope even with a population at 3 billion, for example, in 2100? They’ll come to Europe.
    Then there is the turmoil in the Muslim world in a wide arc stretching from Nigeria to Southern Philippines. They are mostly killing each other now. Who is to say that our luck plus the efficiencies of our secret services/police will forever seal us off against more persistent problems in Europe? Frankly, i don’t like much of the mealy-mouthed dialogue of the Muslim leaders in Europe. So much of their thinking and customs are retrograde. A sine qua non for me is the equality and wonderful qualities of women and I really, really utterly despise their bullying of women. Again can someone explain to me why we must take them in unending millions? Has Europe lost its civilisational beliefs and philosophies? Are we just a carpet for everyone to wipe their feet on?

    Met weekdieren als Hollande, die -noblesse oblige- ongetwijfeld al de voor Frankrijk traditionele lading witte vlaggen heeft klaarliggen, en Barack Hussein Obama, nog zo een bruinwerker die in de islam z'n gat kruipt, zal er van dat "bringing to justice" niet veel komen, wees gerust. Een "attack on all humanity"? Waarom verzet "all of humanity" zich dan niet?
    Frankrijk is niet "vastberaden". Het is de laatste honderd jaar niet meer vastberaden geweest en zal het onder de lafaard Hollande ook niet plots worden. Frankrijk is ook al lang niet meer "verenigd". Het is, zoals de rest van Europa, totaal ontwricht door islamimmigratie.
    Laten we nog wat "Syrische vluchtelingen" binnenhalen!